"Footwear Businesses closer to each other like never before."

ShoeKonnect is a B2B commerce mobile application designed specifically to cater to the needs of the footwear industry. ShoeKonnect helps footwear enterprises to connect and communicate with each other and expand their business.

Open Market & Leads

We also provide you a free Footwear Community Platform where you can freely share your Samples and get inquiries, Find new Suppliers and Chat with them or you can send us your special requirements and we help you to fulfill them.
  • Search Suppliers and Samples

    Finding new samples and suppliers was never more easy. Search according to Location, Profile type etc.
  • Post & Sell Samples

    Post your own samples and quote your own prices. Get inquires from other users and Sell to them directly.
  • Tell us What you want

    If you have special requirement, just post it on app and our team will help you to fulfill it.
  • Instant Chat/Call

    Communicate with other users seamlessly. You can chat or Call as you like.
  • 5000 + Businesses

    More than 5000 Manufacturers, traders and retailers on the Platform.
  • Absolutely Free !

    Our app is totally Free. We do not charge our users at any point.


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